Welcome to my home in cyberspace! This page focuses mostly on my music for young audiences. If you're interested in the Lonetones or my other musical activities, check out the quick links below.

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"I Like Bugs" is one of the best family songs I have heard in ages." - Farmer Jason


Sean McCollough and Friends: This Is Our House


This Is Our House - Sean McCollough and Friends

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A piece of the story is below:

“I do some standard sing-alongs, but then I do a lot of stuff that’s even more participatory than that,” says McCollough. “I do things that you might almost call song games, where they have a part. Either they have to figure out the rhyme in the song, or they have hand motions that go along with the song. I try to do things that engage them beyond just singing along.”

McCollough has extensive experience entertaining kids. He has done music programs in local schools for nearly 20 years, and he has a weekly radio show on WDVX called “Kidstuff with Sean McCollough” (10 a.m. Saturdays). And as Sean McCollough and Friends, he recorded a children’s CD titled “This Is Our House.”


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