Welcome to my home in cyberspace! This page focuses mostly on my music for young audiences. If you're interested in the Lonetones or my other musical activities, check out the quick links below.

        On this site, there's music to listen to, videos to watch, free music downloads, fun activities, resources for teachers, and more. Please scroll down to join the email list while you're here so we can keep in touch.    

        - Sean

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"I Like Bugs" is one of the best family songs I have heard in ages." - Farmer Jason


Sean McCollough and Friends: This Is Our House


This Is Our House - Sean McCollough and Friends

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Kidstuff on Market Square

CD Release Show


What a great Kidstuff show today! My guest Will Carter not only taught the kids about the guitar, banjo, mandolin, ukelele and dobro; but he played them all with amazing talent. My young guest, Sarah Emory (a high-school student from Fulton High) sang beautiful versions of a Joni Mitchell song and a Neil Young song. 

I'll be doing a special live broadcast of the show from the West Town Mall on Sept. 14th. Come out and be part of it!


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