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Sean McCollough and Friends: This Is Our House


This Is Our House - Sean McCollough and Friends

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I'll keep this short and sweet and put some photos down below. Here we go:

• I played a bunch of shows with the Lonetones; a bunch of shows for students and families at schools, libraries and festivals; a few shows with Kevin Abernathy (as well as a little recording on his new record); a couple of shows with the John Myers Band.

• I had amazing guests on Kidstuff Live including touring acts Lunch Money, Billy Jonas, Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could, Miss Lynn, and Roger Day; plus local acts Jodie Manross, Smiley and the Love Dawg, Subtle Clutch, Say Darlin' Say, Kukuly, Four Leaf Peat, and Robinella. 

• Festivals! - Waynestock, Record Store Day, Dogwood Arts Festival, Rhythm & Blooms, Albino Skunk Festival, Bob Dylan Birthday Bash, Festival of Reading. Jammin' At Hippie Jacks (both festivals), Bristol Rhythm & Roots, Tennessee Valley Fair, Louie Bluie Festival.

• Shows in Kentucky, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

• An opening slot with the Lonetones at the Bijou Theatre for the Steel Drivers.

• An appearance by the Lonetones on Studio 865 with Todd Steed. 

• A unique Lonetones' performance/presentation about the changing Appalachian music tradition for new Berea College Faculty. 

• A fantastic school residency at Mt. Olive Elementary. 

• And a recording project with my dad of his piano music!!

A great year of music!!

And now on to the photos!

Bob Dylan Birthday Bash

At the Bijou Opening for the Steel Drivers

Recording With My Dad

On Stage With Lunch Money on Kidstuff

Billy Jonas on Kidstuff

The Lonetones at Barley's Maryville

Robinella With Her Family on Kidstuff

With Subtle Clutch on Kidstuff

On Studio 865 (Hosted by Todd Steed)

A Shared Show With Two Great Lexington, KY Bands

Lonetones Photo Shoot

Record Store Day With Kevin Abernathy

Louie Bluie Festival With the John Myers Band


It's was a great spring and early summer - packed so full, that I haven't managed to post anything here since March! So, it's time to catch up!

The end of the school year brought many opportunities for me to take my music into schools across middle and east Tennessee. One of the most rewarding experiences was a residency I did right here in Knoxville at Mount Olive Elementary. Check out a video collage of the residency below. 

 I also visited four schools in White County; played at Jammin' at Hippie Jacks Americana Music Festival, the Dogwood Arts Festival, and a couple of libraries; was part of Ijams Waterfest; did a program about Civil Rights songs for a group of graudate students at the Highlander Center; went to WV with the Lonetones; did a special live broadcast of Kidstuff at the library's Festival of Reading; taught my four classes at UT, went camping with my family, and lots more. All and all, it was a great spring. Below are some more highlights. 

This is a picture of Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could performing on Kidstuff at the Festival of Reading. They are a great band. Check them out when you get a chance. I'm particularly fond of the song "Please Don't Try to Fix Me, Love Me For Who I Am." I may have to add that one to my repertoire!

Here's a shot from my trip with the Lonetones up to West Virginia. We played in Charleston and way up in the northern part of the state in Thomas. This is at the new River Gorge on our drive back home. 




Last Saturday's Kidstuff show was hoppin' (literally). Columbia, South Carolina band, Lunch Money, brought their "indie rock for the whole family" to the stage, and the audience looked like they were at a Ramones show (except for the fact that most of the audience members were under three-feet tall). Check out the video below to see what I mean. 


Many thanks to Lunch Money for bringing their great music to the Kidstuff stage. I hope to have them back sometime. 

Towards the end of the show, the band invited me to join them for their last song. "Oh, you can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man…." 


Last Saturday saw the largest audience to date for a Kidstuff live show. I was happy to see a bunch of regulars in the audience along with some new faces.

My special guests were Robinella and members of her family. They did a fantastic job entertaining the crowd. Robinella's dad sang some Johnny Cash, here nephew sang "Wagon Wheel" and played the trumpet, her niece played the fiddle, and her own kids, nieces and nephew's sang back-up on many tunes. Robinella treated the audience to some beautiful solo pieces at the end including "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" which I'll make sure to include in my studio broadcasts in the future. Robinella and her family were charming and entertaining and I hope to have them back in the future. 

Check out the Kidstuff Calendar for upcoming live shows which include guests Four Leaf Pete, Lunch Money and the Knoxville Opera Company. 

In other news, I'm in the middle of my winter library shows. I had great crowds at Powell and Fountain City and will try to have some pics and stories from my February shows in my next blog. Check out my calendar for details. 

Whew! What a month! I wrapped up September with a weekend full of shows. It began in Berea KY where I played eight shows in one day for around 900 fourth graders who were all taking part in the Berea Arts Council's Walk for the Arts. It was a very cool event where the students get exposed to a variety of arts in a beautiful park setting. 


During a recent Lonetones' tour we stopped by to do a show at the Sayre School in downtown Lexington KY. 300 middle and high school students filled one side of the gym. We played a set that began with traditional mountain music and then moved through some original Lonetones' material. It was fun to get a chance to talk about how the Lonetones' sound began with more traditional influences but has absorbed elements from rock, pop and other styles. The kids and teachers were very receptive and I hope that we can do more of this type of thing in the future. Check out the Lonetones website for more about the tour. 


What a great Kidstuff show today! My guest Will Carter not only taught the kids about the guitar, banjo, mandolin, ukelele and dobro; but he played them all with amazing talent. My young guest, Sarah Emory (a high-school student from Fulton High) sang beautiful versions of a Joni Mitchell song and a Neil Young song. 

I'll be doing a special live broadcast of the show from the West Town Mall on Sept. 14th. Come out and be part of it!

I was inspired by my trip to Murfreesboro last week to do a showcase before an audience of roughly 300 teachers at the Tennessee Arts Commission's yearly teachers' conference. Seeing that many teachers who are enthusiastic about the arts gives me hope! 

Despite the impending rain, there were families scattered across the World's Fair Park for the festival on the 4th to hear me and the Kidstuff band. The band on this day included Maria Williams on bass and Jon Whitlock on drums. Highlights for me were the kids dancing at the edge of the stage, singing "This Land Is Your Land" on the 4th of July, and hanging around to hear Todd Steed and the Suns of Phere perform in the shadow of their namesake - the Sunsphere. 


Sean McCollough and the Kidstuff Band at the Festival on the 4th

Click here for the whole story. 

A piece of the story is below:

“I do some standard sing-alongs, but then I do a lot of stuff that’s even more participatory than that,” says McCollough. “I do things that you might almost call song games, where they have a part. Either they have to figure out the rhyme in the song, or they have hand motions that go along with the song. I try to do things that engage them beyond just singing along.”

McCollough has extensive experience entertaining kids. He has done music programs in local schools for nearly 20 years, and he has a weekly radio show on WDVX called “Kidstuff with Sean McCollough” (10 a.m. Saturdays). And as Sean McCollough and Friends, he recorded a children’s CD titled “This Is Our House.”

Here's a video from Sean's recent performance on Market Square with the Kidstuff Band. 

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